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project implementation

Project implementation (or project execution) is simply the phase where a project is rolled out. It is where all visions and plans become reality.

We are responsible for leading the integrated project team that accomplishes the implementation phase activities and deliverables. The integrated project team members (regardless of the organisation of permanent assignment) are responsible for accomplishing assigned tasks as directed by the Project Manager.

There are three approaches to the implementation phase:

  • Top-down approach: implementation is done primarily by an outside agency, which would deal directly with the project consultant, with limited involvement from the beneficiaries of the project.
  • Bottom-up approach: beneficiaries implement the project, although an outside agency may provide the financial resources and technical assistance.
  • Collaborative participatory approach: both top-down and bottom-up approaches to project implementation are applied in the process.

Whichever approach your project requires, JDT Project Consultants will take full control of every aspect of the implementation phase, and deal with the relevant party in order to achieve the objectives.


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